We invite you to explore how we help our clients build both value and resilience by working upon 6 critical success factors for business today


Raising and sustaining capability, engagement and enthusiasm.


Optimising organisation’s performance to achieve lowest total delivered cost


Enhancing profitability and growth by improving the customer experience.


Flush out opportunities in your value creation process to make business easier and cheaper.


Getting the most from the capital invested in your business


Building ability to manage increased complexity and demands.

Our Clients

In an increasingly complex and demanding business environment, we help companies overcome short term challenges and help them achieve their potential and become sustainably more profitable.

Clients both large and small appreciate our discretion, and range from the well developed looking for their next elusive step up, to those struggling with the basics.

Whether they be large brands or less well known private-capital backed ventures, our clients do not need to be in trouble to acknowledge the logic of getting expert help.

  • We’ve completed in excess of 150 programmes across the UK, Europe and the US
  • Improving client ROCE by an average of 9.4%
  • Delivering superior average returns in excess of 4 – 1
  • In programmes with average payback in under 6 weeks.

Key Facts

2002 – AA incorporate as Limited Company in the UK, and complete a front line manager training project for our first client.

2003 – Our first client wins a commendation from Management Today. We do our first EU based project.

2004 – Infamous burger chain achieve their first ever successful Christmas BoGoF campaign with help from AA.

2007 – AA and our client win the XpertHR award from Personnel Today.

2009 – AA undertake a first US project in Washington DC.

2010 – AA client wins Operational Excellence award following an AA programme.

2013 – AA undertake the first of several projects with the Public Sector.

2013 – AA deploy our first SaaS product.

2015 – AA open an international office in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

2017 – AA deploy revolutionary new CI technology in their FMCG food manufacturing clients.


“Another excellent piece of work that we shall build on in other areas of the company.”

Logistics Director at a national bakery

“The place is just running properly now. We didn’t really believe what you told us to start with – we can see it now. People are acting differently now. They are more responsive and they know what the issues are and are dealing with them.”

General Manager

“The lads were hoping for some changes and without Applied Acumen nothing was getting done about grievances and absence. Now I spend less time in hearings than ever before and we can all get on with the job.”

Union Representative

“You know I wouldn’t say this unless I meant it… but you guys saved this company”

(£40M turnover national service company with 19 depots, 350 technicians in vans, 40,000 accounts)

Managing Director

“We commissioned Applied Acumen to uncover the reasons behind a particularly difficult issue in our management systems.  A problem, I might add that had baffled everyone else in the past.”

“What we got was the reasons uncovered, a clear and detailed presentation of what was going on, installation of the solutions, complete buy in from our people and a reduction in waste which paid for the whole project within weeks.”

“I was delighted by their approach and quality of work, but I was not surprised as they always deliver.”

Logistics Director

“Before the Applied Acumen project I was faced with ever escalating labour costs, poor driver moral and poor service levels. By installing some rather clever systems, coaching in the best ways to optimise our network and most importantly changing the day to day behaviours for the management team and drivers – the improvements made were impressive.”
“We have now achieved a significantly reduced cost base, a driven and capable team and much improved service levels.”

Group Distribution Manager

“At last – consultants prepared to talk about cash! Acumen are the only outfit I know who put their money where their mouth is. They find the cash, then get after it in a professional and structured way that delivers results”

Group Operations Director

“The new systems give people the opportunity to improve results through timely performance information, which has given me control of my factory, better performance, and a better team.”

Site Director

“I have been involved in a lot of projects in my time but this one falls into the top 10% in terms of being embraced by the team and results.”

Board Member

“Before we started, our updates at the production ‘coal face’ were a bit hit and miss. Sometimes a major issue wouldn’t be spotted until it became a disaster. Now I am regularly meeting my Line Leaders to ensure we keep the programme on track.”

General Manager

“It’s brought me closer to Operations and given me data I can use to improve.”

Maintenance Manager

“Systems have improved efficiency in the office as well as production. We have visibility of the costs now to improve product costings.”

Site Accountant

“It’s bought me time to focus on what is important and given me data to make fact-based decisions.”

Factory Manager

The world of production, service and supply is changing

In this new world, just having a well-marketed product of established brand is not enough. Your customers increasingly expect supply ‘on demand’, in the quantity they want, and looking exactly like the thing they ordered. Then they are quickly going to want something different, better or different and better.

More than that, they want to feel they are buying responsibility from a company that cares, that shares their values, and in addition the whole experience needs to be easy, even enjoyable; less of a transaction, more of a relationship.

The companies that can achieve all this we at Applied Acumen call High Performing Organisations. Such companies will build brand value, and their profits will increase sustainably because they will gain and retain loyal customers.

Applied Acumen works in partnership with their clients to build High Performing Organisations, delivering sustainable and increased profits by providing expertise and unique solutions to make it happen.

Still different. Still ahead.

Payment by Results

Our pioneering approach to investment in client outcomes still remains ahead of the pack, underpinned as it is by a unique and robust methodology that puts our client’s interests at the heart of our approach.

Powerful Technology

Industry 4.0 applications designed by operational experts, for operational people, provide insights into performance whilst automating and accelerating administrative activity activity to free up management time to act.

Behaviour Change

True measures of people performance and capability; our diagnostics go beyond simplistic compliance to basic command and control systems. Rather, we find out what makes people tick, and coach successful, high performance behaviours.

Flexible products & Services

Each of our client’s needs circumstances are different; rather than work back from a pre-conceived solution, we take care to understand our client, to quantify and qualify, and jointly derive the right solution in tandem, one of may reasons our clients like to work with us repeatedly

Whole business approach

Becoming a High Performance Organisation is about much more than mere operational excellence. We expand your horizon of things you can do to influence your future business performance.

Sustained results

We believe fast results should not compromise long term performance or wellbeing. This necessitates a complete reinvention of how consultancy is done, and the relationship with the client, a different and refreshing kind of experience.

Enjoy the benefit of working with us for free

You can begin enjoying the Applied Acumen win-win experience from the moment you get in touch.

We’ll answer any questions you have, and provide you recent and relevant references from people like you who, rightly cautious and requiring proof of claim, made that initial contact which led to great results.

We’ll also offer you a free demonstration of our new technology to show you its power, and even grant you a free license to use the incredible insights the demonstration will give you in any way you see fit. We do this because we want you to see that consultancy has moved on, and we want you to be with us.

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