Our Approach - Applied Acumen
  • Scale

    Our projects range from the large scale and multi-site, down to small, targeted interventions.

  • Geography

    We’ve delivered projects across the UK, Europe, and the US. Language and geography is no barrier.

  • Expertise

    Instantly credible, our expertise is there to be tested, every time.

  • Values

    Our values are not just written down, we encourage clients to measure us by them.

  • Leadership

    Our leadership is exceptional, credible and importantly, we are present.

  • Influence

    Our thought leadership is established and pioneering, reflected in how we’ve raised the bar in consulting.

2002 – AA incorporate as Limited Company in the UK, and complete a front line manager training project for our first client

2003 – Our first client wins a commendation from Management Today. We do our first EU based project.

2004 – Infamous burger chain achieve their first ever successful Christmas BoGoF campaign with help from AA

2007 – AA and our client win the XpertHR award from Personnel Today

2009 – AA undertake a first US project in Washington DC.

2010 – AA client wins Operational Excellence award following an AA programme

2013 – AA undertake the first of several projects with the Public Sector.

2013 – AA deploy our first SaaS product.

2015 – AA open an international office in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

2017 – AA deploy revolutionary new CI technology in their FMCG food manufacturing clients

Quick Results | Lasting Change

You want to work with people with experience in the field, who can communicate effectively with your team, not fresh-faced graduates with little practical knowledge.

You want to work with people who will roll their sleeves up, and make things happen.

You want to work with people whom you trust, who do exactly what they say they’ll do, and who will not let you down.

You want to see where we’ve been, and see it driven and sustained by your own people

You don’t want to pay for things your own people ought to be doing.

What Can We Do For Your Business

Payment by Results

As important today as when we pioneered this approach 10 years ago. We invest in our client outcomes, and are therefore careful to deliver on our promises.

Lean credentials

Our founders eschew the text book academic approach, preferring the tried, trusted and successful approach learned at Honda and applied across industry.


We measure our value added in figures you can see in the accounts and money you can spend.

Behavioural Change

Our approach involves real and deep understanding of how to change and align behaviours to sustain better performance.

Whole Business Approach

Our inclusive approach ensures we are able to pinpoint and act upon all the levers of profit, not just on operations.

High Returns

We seek returns on our client investments of 5 to 1, with rapid paybacks within the Financial Year.

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