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31/10/2017: Iceberg Ahead: What UK Businesses Can Learn From The Salad Industry

“Top of the list of challenges for many right now is direct labour availability”.
Our friends over at Minute Hack asked us for our two cents on the fall of Southern Salads and we’ve examined how the fate that befell this is company not an isolated issue – instead it acts as a warning for others as well.

07/08/2017: Is it D-day for diesel?

“By far the biggest impact the grocery logistics industry should consider is the impact on brand value”.
Over at The Grocer we look at how the world of logistics is being effected by diesel’s changing reputation. (This article requires a subscription to read, but is also available in the print edition).

07/08/2017: Seismic grocery changes are bigger than just Brexit

“Low profit is better than no profit, Brexit or no Brexit”.
Richard Shipperbottom looks into the factors that are effecting groceries above and beyond Brexit. Check out the article on The Grocer. (This article requires a subscription to read, but is also available in the print edition).

Real Time Monitoring
26/07/2017: How to rethink your pricing strategy in inflationary times

“Prices are going up and they will continue to go up”…this is a challenge, but also an opportunity to rethink business models.
We’ve been discussing the effect inflation is having on prices with our friend Trevor Clawson over at European CEO. Check out the full article to understand the issue.

14/06/2017: How to be a High Performing Organisation: a practical framework

“Is there an objective framework, applicable to any company in any sector, to guide, both in terms of activity and priority, the actions that will result in a High Performing Organisation (HPO)?”
Over on The Csuite we look at what we think are the six critical success factors for businesses to thrive.

08/06/2017: How business support services need to change to encourage SME growth

“The small business owner has always been vital to the economy, especially in the United Kingdom, although they are arguably more vital now than ever before.”
Keith Armstrong, co-founder of Applied Acumen, explores the challenges facing a growing business and the common pitfalls that should be avoided. Read the full article over on MBA World.

09/05/2017: Are you a Netflix or Blockbuster?

“Richard Shipperbottom examines why many established businesses struggle in an area where entrepreneurial start-ups tend to excel.”
The ability to survive and thrive in the modern business arena can be down to market agility and the way in which you adapt to change. We share our thoughts on the need to stay mobile with the readers of London Loves Business.

04/05/2017: Lina Maria Juanias: Business Improvement Consultant

“Lina studied chemical engineering and moved to the UK to take a Masters in food production management – before becoming a consultant in the field of continuous improvement.”
Our friends over at Prospects interviewed one of our best and brightest consultants, Lina Maria Juanias, to help guide a new generations of change professionals looking to break into the industry.

17/03/2017: Deciding Priorities: What Value Strategy?

“The first step for investors when looking at a business is to check that the strategy for the business is right. There is no point in charging over that hill if it turns out to be a cliff edge.”
Over at CorporateLiveWire we examine why it’s important to take a scientific approach to business, rather than going on ‘gut feel’.

03/03/2017: Doing the right thing can lead to bad decisions

“One of the most frustrating things for packaging manufacturers over more recent years is the sheer variety of customer needs.”
Richard Shipperbottom looks at how packaging needs are changing and the effects complexity have on delivery. Read the full article on Packaging News.

02/02/2017: Do you have a Brexit plan in place?

“We hope to shed light upon this by examining real world implications of Brexit, and moreover how you might test your own business position.”
Read the full article over at Growth Business, where we look at how to best plan for Brexit in an period of uncertainty.

Logistics network management
31/01/2017: 3 Tips for Making Huge Improvements in Distribution Operations

“When you work as we do with companies with several hundred vehicles, of varying types from vans to articulated trucks, this is usually an area that can yield some quick cash to pay to overcome some of the more difficult challenges that distribution managers of such operations face.”
On Transport & Logistics we discuss three ways in which you can improve your distribution. A lot of your money can be tied up on the roads and maximising its efficiency is crucial to financial success.

27/01/2017: Business Thinking Strategies

“Success is largely, directly or indirectly, a consequence of our behaviour, which in turn is governed fundamentally by the way we think. Being aware of how you think, and adopting the right thinking strategies will therefore determine whether you succeed or fail, personally and professionally.”
The way you think can make or brake you and being aware of your strengths and weaknesses is the key to succeeding. We lay out our advice for adapting and growing over at Business Zone.

23/01/2017: Why You Can’t Tell What’s Going on from Your KPI’s?

“It is a common misconception within business that the recording of performance detail should be done in order to facilitate good reporting of performance. Anyone with this belief should consider substituting the word ‘reporting’ with ‘understanding’.”
Over at Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine we examine why we think the concept of KPI’s needs rethinking for a modern business.

23/12/2016: Brexit Toblerone Jenga

“When faced with seismic pressures that may affect the very market position your products and brands hold, how does a manufacturer respond?”
We look at the effect Brexit and the new living wage have had on Toblerone – leading to an alteration to their iconic design. Read our comment over at EU Business.

12/12/2016: Overcoming productivity woes

“You can’t blame the UK business community for being negative right now. While trying to deal with increased labour costs from government legislation, they find themselves with a weaker pound sending material costs skywards. Then there’s uncertainty reducing investment opportunities as the country waits to see the real impact of the vote to leave the EU.”
With recent global events putting productivity well and truly back in the spotlight we identify an effective way forward, on The Manufacturer.

24/11/2016: Winners and Losers of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

“We are in an era of massive step change. It is clear there is one area where there is no change: our ability to respond to it effectively when it comes to the Autumn Statement.”
We look at how, in terms of productivity, far behind the curve of change the UK remains, for all the fiddling attempts at continuous improvement by successive governments over the years, UK plc sits bottom of the G7 together with the widest gap between the UK and the G7 since records began 25 years ago. Read the full post over at The London Economic.

23/11/2016: After Trump’s shock victory, it’s important that finance doesn’t overreact

“Major events highlight the ability of organisations to predict, to adapt, and most importantly, to be resilient.”
Over at Finance Magnates we examine how such events as the Trump election throw into question an organisation’s ability to adapt, to make reasonable predictions of what such events might mean for them, their customers, and their employees. This vital ability enables them to adapt their behaviour and activity to take advantage or minimise damage.