Whether your strategy is to sweat them, or invest and maintain an advantage, we can help to ensure that your machinery, facilities and equipment are looked after accordingly, and that capital decisions are based on good information.

Even the best businesses find asset reliability performance a challenge. The causes of downtime can number in dozens, and the costs associated with failure can be enough to tip a company in to the red or lose customers.

It is therefore vital to include asset performance in your thinking, and ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to protect yourself against the worst that any gremlins can throw at you.

We’ll show you

          • How to quickly get a maintenance function running more effectively
          • How to install some good maintenance kpi’s
          • How your maintenance costs benchmark versus others in your industry
          • How to capture the right downtime information
          • How to do a good footprint analysis
          • How to work towards a world class maintenance function
          • What makes a good maintenance manager

Explore our provision of incisive expertise

OEE Improvement

What is the best way to drive improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness? Let us show you.

Downtime Reporting

Obtaining good information on downtime is half the battle. Let us help you get only the information you need.

Downtime Reduction

Is there a best strategy for reducing downtime, rather than just throwing money at problems?

Facilities Management

Many companies outsource FM to third parties, but how do you know if you’re getting value for money?

Capital Projects

From budgeting and developing Capex cost benefit proposals, to project managing on time and within budget, we can help.

Footprint Analysis

An exercise often done based on current rather than optimised performance, we can help you avoid making expensive mistakes

Capacity Analysis

Our capacity modelling software allows you to run multiple scenarios for your operation and help you make the right decisions.

Basic Maintenance

Let’s be honest, not everyone is anywhere near world class, and some could just do with a little help getting the basics right.

Reliability & TPM

For those with the basics in place, you want to leverage your assets and ensure they never let you down. Let us help you get there faster.

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