Basic maintenance management

Some operations are at the beginning of their journey, and a little guidance, direction and support can make a huge difference.

A few basic disciplines in engineering maintenance can have just such an effect on an operation, and Applied Acumen can help you quickly get them in place.

Essential basic disciplines we can help with include, but is not limited to

    • Managing machine break-downs with faster response
    • Recording maintenance activity and planning maintenance work
    • Basic maintenance routines, getting those essential PPM’s done
    • Reducing consumables expenditure
    • Managing engineering stores and spares
    • Basic maintenance reporting

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We are under resourced – how can you help?

The number one priority is to set and provide the level of service required from the engineering team to support operations, and sometimes this means injecting additional skilled resource in the short term to recover the back log.

However, it is also usually the case that the size of the back log has not been quantified, nor has the ongoing resource requirement for either undertaking PPM’s, providing break down cover, or resource for any project work planned.

To arrive at a rational resource plan and determine the level of investment required in any additional, this work to quantify the work load must be done, and quickly. This is something you would engage Applied Acumen to help you achieve quickly.

In our experience we then typically expect to see a reduction in requirement (and cost), as organisation becomes more systemic, controlled, planned and disciplined, PPM’s get done, and machine reliability improves.

What is a benchmark level of maintenance spend?

We expect a range of between 2% – 4% cost of sales, but this is very much dependent upon the industry, and the right figure for your business may be very much less, or indeed somewhat more.

We can help you find the right benchmark for your business.

We aren’t getting time on the machines to do our PPM’s – can you help?


A company can find itself in a vicious circle whereby planning cannot release a machine for urgent maintenance because there is insufficient capacity due to too many break downs, whilst break downs keep recurring because maintenance aren’t getting time on the machines.

If this scenario is familiar, we can help.

We can help you find space in the planning schedule to undertake the work that needs doing, and we can do this in a number of ways. Our planning and scheduling expertise can be brought to bear upon these challenges, to reduce changeovers, challenge standards and performance against those standards, to re-examine the way in which the equipment is used, set up, shut-down, cleaned, controlled and operated, and we can look at inventory controls, and logistics and service parameters to identify windows of opportunity.

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