Capacity Analysis

Capacity analysis used to be time consuming, and often involve a contentious debate regarding the methods by which standards could be set and achieved in practice. This is no longer the case.

Using our new technology makes the job of capacity analysis much easier than previously. Moreover, it alleviates the need to spend hours sifting through obscure bills of materials and planning standards in order to arrive at a view of capacity.

Using our technology we’ll show you:

    • The true realisable capacity of your operation
    • The true potential and value available to you without investment
    • The exact optimum conditions for running each and every one of your products

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Don’t you need to spend hours observing how our lines run?


Line observations are useful for different reasons, for example in becoming familiar with line staff, and the factor which interfere with achieving performance. However, this is different to getting a view of capacity and savings potential very quickly.

In certain circumstances we may even be able to provide you with an initial view within 24 hours, free of charge!

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Can you model capacity for different planning scenarios?

Yes. We utilise our very powerful capacity planning engine which not only helps to model the capacity of a site, it has the capability to model individual processes, sub processes, and process inventories, too!

This provides a huge advantage over contemporary offerings, as we won’t be sat there for weeks creating complex spreadsheets that you will never understand, or be able to use again.

Instead, you will get answers quickly, and be able to tweak and adjust as much or as little as you like, and see the output instantly.

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Can you show us a potential savings value in achieving better performance?


Not only that, we can show you the savings potential on each single product, in any currency.

We can show you by product, by shift, by line, by person. Never before has such powerful analytical information been available, and Applied Acumen make this available to their clients.

Moreover, we can provide you with an initial assessment free of charge!

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