Capital Projects

Applied Acumen can help with capital projects in several respects:

    • Interim project management
    • Scoping and Specification
    • Project recovery

Applied Acumen can source the right technical skills to support capital projects, but moreover it is usually our project management skills that are most valued by our clients.

Our ability to ‘bang the drum’, to identify and eliminate bottlenecks before they become an issue, ensures that your projects come in under budget, and on time.

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Do you have examples of projects you have run?

Of course, and we’d be delighted to share our successes and draw parallels with your project.

We can provide examples both of greenfield and brownfield projects, of equipment evaluations, and of recovery programmes where capital projects have over run and need to be recovered.

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Can you evaluate a project or a piece of equipment for us?


Sometimes large installations do not necessarily work as per the original intent, or it is difficult to ascertain whether the supplier has fulfilled their contractual obligations, or occasionally it is important to assess whether the installation will perform as per requirement.

We can help in all such instances, and also help to review the contract or SLA to ensure that you get what you want.

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What industries do you cover?

We do all types of industries.

The principles of good capital project management transfer across most industries, and we have undertaken assignments in very many different sectors, including distribution, food manufacturing, waste management, airline handling and services, industrial processing and many more.

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