Downtime reduction

Applied Acumen are expert at implementing sustainable reductions in downtime – how?

There are of course many different technical aspects to downtime, ranging from the obvious equipment failure related causes, those that are a result of having underinvested in kit, or simply not maintained it properly or even adequately over time., through to systemic failure, whereby there are gaps in the plan- do – review framework which mean downtime causes are never addressed.

Examples of the latter are prevalent in almost every business, for example where essential maintenance is postponed or never done because the equipment is required to continue production.

However, whilst addressing these deficiencies is an important part of the solution, an equal but most often neglected component is the behaviour that underpins those causes. Why is the line never made available? Why does this cause of downtime keep repeating? These are the questions we ask and implement solutions for using our powerful Block Plan and ARP methodology.


Can you give an example where behaviours causes downtime?

There are examples in every business, including:

    • Pride causing a major capital investment to be commissioned too soon, and not fit for purpose. We know of one example which resulted in a massive overspend in attempting recovery and a customer who walked away due to poor service.
    • Repeated downtime at start up due to poor hygiene practices on a night shift causing water ingress on equipment historically set up by engineers on day shift: poor inter-departmental relations meant each function blamed the other.
    • Custom and practice for drivers – the most expensive of resources – to hang around a depot before departure to organise their routes, load their vans, and have a chat and a cuppa…

Our equipment is simply too old and broken – what can we do?

When equipment is in a poor state of (dis)repair it is even more important to do everything possible to mitigate.

Ultimately, it may be necessary to invest, but presenting the right investment proposal relies on having exhausted all options, understanding your numbers, and making damn sure you’ll get your money back in an acceptable timeframe. Having us take a look would mean you are able to make the right decision.

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We already operate at world class levels of OEE – how can you help?

We do not recognise the term ‘world class’ as in reality it has little to no meaning. However, this points to several more pertinent and important questions it is indeed right to ask:

    • What is the best level of OEE that we could expect to achieve given how we operate?
    • Is there a better way to operate that would give us a better level of OEE?
    • At this level of OEE, do we make sufficient margin to allow us to beat our nearest competitor on price?
    • At this level of OEE, can we be certain that no one else, including our nearest competitor, could better it?

An Applied Acumen analysis will provide the answers to these questions and more.

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