Downtime reporting

In order to reduce downtime it is necessary to firstly understand what it is!

The above statement may sound obvious, yet in every business we go in to, when we analyse the downtime we invariably find that there is an amount of “unknown” downtime. This “unknown” can often amount to the largest ‘downtime reason’, even amounting to more than all the other recorded downtime reasons combined!

It typically becomes the first job to work out how to capture all the downtime; it is equally important also to record it in a manner which allows you to action countermeasures, allocating responsibility correctly, for example.

Applied Acumen technology can be useful in both identifying downtime, and in capturing it.


How do you record downtime when there are millions of micro-stops?

This can be achieved several ways, both through technology and through ingenuity.

Our SFDC module can take information directly from machines, whilst ‘big data’ analysis using our software can help us fill in gaps in recorded data with 99.9% accuracy, allowing targeted action in areas where you can expect a good payback.

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How do you instil the recording discipline on the shop-floor?

In the first instance we engage directly with the operators and staff – no one wishes to experience multiple stops in manufacturing, for whatever reason, and in the vast majority of cases the operators are desperate for a day when everything goes right!

It is in this context that we work hand in hand with shop floor staff to pinpoint the causes of downtime, and provide them with the means to do so, and the means to combat it.

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How should we actually record downtime – in spreadsheets?

Applied Acumen SFDC software can help here, obtaining information on downtime automatically where possible directly from the lines.

In any solution we look to automate wherever possible, and minimise the administration (itself classified as ‘loss’).

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How do you know there’s unrecorded downtime?

Very easily.

Our analytical technology allows us to quickly examine shop floor data, assimilating standards, outputs and run time, and comparing this to potential and actual recorded losses. There’s invariably a gap between actual and recorded downtime, which is often hidden to management and therefore is never addressed.

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