Facilities Management

Facilities management is increasingly becoming recognised as an important contributor to the success of a business. When all aspects of facilities management are run well, the benefits to a business are manifest in a number of key areas, including

    • Health and Safety performance
    • Working environment
    • Overhead costs
    • Staff wellbeing
    • Company culture and embodiment of stated values

It is no surprise that Applied Acumen consider aspects of FM as essential elements of their programmes, and can help clients leverage FM to create huge business advantage. To find out how, contact us today.


Do you have examples where you have made improvements in FM?

Yes. We would be delighted to share with you how we incorporate aspects of FM improvement in to each one of our programmes. In addition, we can share with you

    • How we worked with a large food manufacturer to transform their HSE culture
    • How we helped a national distributor reduce the contracted maintenance cost of their large automated DC
    • How we helped set up one of the UK’s first primary school fully organic, cooked from scratch meals service.
    • How we worked with an FM services company to transform their customer service.

For more information on these and other case studies, contact us here.

Do you provide interim support in FM?


This can be to create a function to pull in devolved activity, to pick up and bring an FM function up to best in class, or simply to plug a gap.

Please call for further details.

We have a facilities manager, how can you help?

Often the very many activities and responsibilities which fall under FM are actually devolved, and various aspects are managed or at least reported upon by a number of other functions.

For example, HR might well assume responsibility for HSE and catering, IT for network infrastructure services, engineering maintenance might well assume responsibility for buildings, equipment and fabric, and so on.

In this context it can be difficult to pull together these disparate aspects and coordinate systematic improvement. In addition, it is almost impossible for an individual function to measure and acknowledge the impact one aspect may have on other aspects of the business. For example, where a business has a stated value regarding the way they treat their people, simultaneously under invests in catering provision.

Facilities managers rarely have the authority, profile or scope to effect meaningful change on their own. With Applied Acumen’s support, beginning with a free FM audit, the Facilities Manager is provided with the evidence, the expert resource, and the support required to make meaningful and valuable changes.

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