Footprint Analysis

Applied Acumen are experienced working with manufacturers with multiple locations around the globe and fully recognise that multiple locations provide a geographical dynamic that can be optimised.

Equally, it is clear that as businesses change and evolve, the dynamic changes also. There are a number of key factors to consider and with which we can assist, including:

    • How to get comparative measures – especially in plants and divisions doing different things
    • Scenario modelling across sites and networks to provide optimum picture
    • Performance modelling – ensuring you don’t close a site which should and could do better
    • Developing internal capability to make future assessments

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We have 5 divisions doing different things, can you really compare them?


Even with very different types of business it is possible to find common measure for certain things (people development and capability, for example), and there are always ways of generating (agreeable) measures to help evaluate performance of a given division.

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We know our capacity, so why do analysis?

Often the biggest mistake made when evaluating the performance of a site in relation to others is failing to take account of the complexity and the product standards.

All too often we see multi-site businesses bemoan the performance of one site in a group, and invariably it is the site which deals with the small run, complex products. When this site is tagged for closure, some of these more difficult products are transferred, of course, and performance dips at the unlucky recipient site. On reflection it sometimes transpires that the site handling complex products was actually performing incredibly well, yet the other sites, given their relatively easy portfolios, should have been performing much, much better!

Hence, in any footprint analysis we do, we first look at complexity and standards, ensuring the right basis for any future decisions.

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Can you model our factories to help us decide where to install kit and place volume?


We utilise our very powerful capacity planning engine which not only helps to model the capacity of a site, it has the capability to model individual processes, sub processes, and process inventories, too!

This provides a huge advantage over contemporary offerings, as we won’t be sat there for weeks creating complex spreadsheets that you will never understand, or be able to use again.

Instead, you will get answers quickly, and be able to tweak and adjust as much or as little as you like, and see the output instantly.

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