Total Productive Maintenance

For companies with basic maintenance disciplines in place, and who are looking for the next big leap in cost management to complement improving operations, we can help you construct the path to developing best practice engineering maintenance.

By working with us, you can

  • Develop computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS)
  • Implement cutting edge asset management and tracking technology
  • Implement TPM to eliminate the equipment related causes of downtime in your operation
  • Compare yourselves to the best
  • Leverage your maintenance for competitive advantage


We have a distributed and complex asset base that is difficult to track, can you help?


Whether it is individual pieces of complex machinery, such as a large capital installation, or a complex piece of mobile machinery such as a fire engine, aeroplane or tank, or multiple distributed assets in the field, such as roadwork paraphernalia or medical equipment, we have a solution that will meet your needs.

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Does this apply to vehicle fleets?

Of course.

Vehicles of all kinds are expensive, irrespective of depreciation value there is typically a cost associated with both it’s reliability and performance in the field, it’s availability, or indeed it’s condition or status at any given time. Having the information to hand helps planning maintenance at appropriate times, minimise cost in service, and optimise utility.

We can help you achieve all this.

Can you provide some benchmarks?


Moreover, we can help you answer more pertinent questions such as:

    • What is the best level of performance that you could expect to achieve given how you operate?
    • Is there a better way to operate that would give you a better level of performance?
    • At this level of performance, do you make sufficient margin to allow you to beat your nearest competitor?
    • At this level of performance, can you be certain that no one else, including your nearest competitor, could better it?

An Applied Acumen analysis will provide the answers to these questions and more.

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