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Go Forward

There is a common thread amongst business conversations at the moment, and we won’t be alone in seeing it. Whether it’s a catch up with a business friend or a formal board meeting, the influence of external forces becomes the central theme. It could be the exchange rate, the increases in labour costs, the uncertainty […]

Hey Boss, TMI!

As managers, and especially as consultants, we thrive on information. Analysis is our bread and butter and we get very excited when we get new datasets and new ways to present and interpret it. Even if you’re not a data nerd, you know the importance of making decisions based on facts. Reliable up-to-date data is […]

Technology is not a magic bullet

  “Our back door discipline is appalling.” “Our admin teams are constantly chasing paperwork from the factory.” “We don’t have up-to-date inventory, and it’s costing us a fortune in unnecessary procurement.” “We need a new ERP system to fix all our problems…” Stop! While the first three sentences above might well be 100% true, the […]

Planning Gaps

World class manufacturing factories are a rarity by definition. But there is one thing that all of these operations have in common: a joined up and effective planning function. Planning is the “brain” of the manufacturing organism. It allocates the resources, sets the priorities, and coordinates each of the constituent parts to ensure they work […]

The AA Family

My name is Aaron, and I am a Manager with the award winning consultancy Applied Acumen. I am responsible for the development of some of our amazing productivity applications software that our clients are using to improve service and cut costs. Prior to joining AA, I had a varied career that criss-crossed production management, technical, […]

Growth and Portfolio Complexity in Food Sector

Increasing numbers of products, materials, destinations and promotions are being reported right across the UK food sector as suppliers and retailers try to compete for sales. Whether it is driven by the rise in exports for branded products, or the fierce competition between the supermarkets domestically, the simple matter of knowing where your profits come […]