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Go Forward

There is a common thread amongst business conversations at the moment, and we won’t be alone in seeing it. Whether it’s a catch up with a business friend or a formal board meeting, the influence of external forces becomes the central theme. It could be the exchange rate, the increases in labour costs, the uncertainty surrounding all things European Union, the effects of the extraordinary weather conditions (which we seem to see every year), lack of government investment in just about anything you care to think of and lets not even start on the American Presidency. You can understand why businesses are adopting an approach to weathering the storm.

There are some examples of investment and job creation amongst this cacophony of uncertainty, and they are to be welcomed, but many of these are based on decisions taken some time ago and the effect of these external factors has yet to be fully realised. However, there are some examples of real business success that we would like to share with you. Read more

Best time for consultancy?

Hey Boss, TMI!

As managers, and especially as consultants, we thrive on information. Analysis is our bread and butter and we get very excited when we get new datasets and new ways to present and interpret it. Even if you’re not a data nerd, you know the importance of making decisions based on facts. Reliable up-to-date data is essential to our businesses.

Nowadays with broadband internet at home, we won’t make a big purchase, until we’ve done our online research. We read blogs and review sites for assessments on the latest and best TVs, washing machines and cars. We want to know we’re getting the best deal, and the best product, for our money. And why shouldn’t we?

In our world of Big Data and Internet of Things, we are surrounded by information. But, as various studies have shown, we must not allow ourselves to be paralysed by it.

Whenever we start a new engagement with a client, one of our first tasks is to gather all the available data. We need to establish a base level of performance in order to effectively measure the success of the project. In many instances, this is incomplete or poorly maintained, and we work with the client to get the data into shape.  Read more