Process Control

Technology is not a magic bullet


Source: Rog01 Used with licence

Source: Rog01
Used with licence

“Our back door discipline is appalling.”

“Our admin teams are constantly chasing paperwork from the factory.”

“We don’t have up-to-date inventory, and it’s costing us a fortune in unnecessary procurement.”

“We need a new ERP system to fix all our problems…”


While the first three sentences above might well be 100% true, the fourth is most certainly not. If you have poor systems and procedures in your operation, no system is going to be the panacea for all these ills.

If your managers and operators cannot follow basic disciplines now, what makes you think that a fancy new computer system is going to be any better? You will go from a mountain of paper to an ocean of incomplete data that will be just as much of a problem to fix and interpret. Read more