Even the good ones can get better



One of our early programmes was in a £200m turnover network marketing company whose contact centre was not only the power house of business growth, it had won industry awards for excellence.

It was therefore a surprise to the Chief Executive when we were able to make further improvements that yielded both an improvement in a multitude of grade of service measures, and a huge bottom line cost saving.

When you consider the challenges that all contact centres face, it should be no surprise that we often find areas for improvement.

Grade of Service Measures

Sometimes these are too focussed on volumes, rather than quality, or neither.

Staff absenteeism

Some centres are populated by minimum wage staff who have little sense of responsibility.


Contact centre managers are often promoted to the position from being good operators. Training can make all the difference.


How many people is enough? We’ll show you.

Contact Behaviours

How do you get every person doing what you want, in the way you want, using the language you want?



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