Many companies have no strategy for customer retention or for maximising account value, and worse, much of what they do actively works against this key aim.

It may sound obvious, but a key contributor to sustained business success is to ensure that your customers do not go elsewhere for the goods and services that you provide.

Not so obvious is how to achieve this. Applied Acumen have developed a ground-breaking approach to customer retention suited to national businesses serving a large number of customer accounts (B2C, B2C) of various sizes.

We’ll show you

  • How to improve your service levels
  • How to stop your customers going elsewhere without simply dropping your costs
  • Why your best people are working on the wrong things
  • How to organise your CRM data
  • The optimum time to talk to your customers, and when not to
  • How to avoid the common mistakes made by NAM’s
  • How to optimise your cost to serve
  • How to increase field service productivity AND improve customer satisfaction

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Churn Reduction

Some sectors seem to suffer higher customer churn than others. Sector characteristics, fickle customers, or is there actually something you can do?

Field Service Performance

The need for cost efficiency should never interfere with your ability to delight the customer at every opportunity, especially when you are face to face.

Service Crisis Recovery

Sometimes, when disaster strikes, you just need an immediate injection of pace, expertise and quality to land running and steady the ship. Call Applied Acumen first.

Cost to Serve

To your customer the answer is always “yes, we can”. You just need to ensure that you don’t lose money in fulfilling your promises, by knowing how much you should be charging!

Service Level Improvement

There are many factors that can negatively impact customer service levels. We help identify them all, and build action plans to remove them.

Back Office Service Centre

Getting the right technology, using the right performance measures, training the staff…there are many aspects to running a low-cost, seamless back office operation that your customers appreciate.

NAM Training

How should a National Account Manager spend their time? Do your account managers spend their time on the things they like doing, or the things they should be doing?

Measuring Satisfaction

Is your measure the same as the one your customer is using? That’s just one of the issues to get right on the road to sustaining customer satisfaction

Smart Selling

What customers are you losing and why? What are you doing to feed this information in to the front end of your business, to filter out poor targets?

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