Contact centre improvement

No matter where this is located, or how disparate the people are within it, or even how disparate the functions are of the people within it, how your service centre behaves can have a critical effect on your ability to retain customers.

Does the person with whom your customer is talking have the authority, autonomy, capacity and capability to resolve customer enquiries?

It is remarkable how many of us know only too well what we like and do not like when dealing with a service centre, yet appear to tolerate or promote the same aggravating principles within our own businesses!

Let is show you how to integrate teams, streamline your processes, create the autonomy and cut the cost of your back office, whilst underlining the customer service levels you yourself would want.

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Do you do contact centre training?


One of our very first assignments was to do exactly that in a network marketing (catalogue sales) business that had only recently won awards for great customer service.

Not content with resting on their laurels, the client allowed us to undertake an analysis, from which we identified the next step change improvement they could take.

The subsequent programme delivered not just a net six-figure saving, but improved every single key contact centre metric.

Do you provide contact centre management software?


Our software provides not just basic call management controls and measures, but can be linked to display screens and mobile platforms to allow instant active performance management and customer engagement opportunity.

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Do you facilitate or recommend on- or off-shoring?


We undertake a review of your needs, as defined by the needs and expectations of your customers, and recommend a solution that meets those needs at lowest cost.

We do not have our own contact centres, and remain unbiased in our recommendations.

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