Field service operations

Wherever a member of your staff is visiting a customer to undertake a delivery or service of any kind, there is an opportunity to impact your customer loyalty either positively or negatively.

Field service operations are expensive, but efforts to increase productivity, cut costs and become more efficient are often constrained for the justifiable fear of compromising the service.

Applied Acumen understands this completely, and for this reason developed a holistic approach covering both service and efficiency, which allows clients to massively increase efficiency whilst actually improving the service received by customers.


Do you offer software solutions for field service operations?


In addition to routing software, we can spec the right level of handsets for point of service data capture.

We have developed solutions from an operational execution perspective, making software that fits.

This is a critical difference to those software and hardware providers who try to make an operation fit to a fixed solution that they wish to sell.

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How do you cash the cheque from a productivity increase?

In simple terms: in less driven hours, less overtime, less paid hours, and in reduced number of vans.

Other benefits can be measured in increased capacity, increased service time (contact time) with customers, ability and capacity to provide additional services (with additional contribution), and improved service level and reduced complaints.

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Our driver technicians already complain that they work too hard, is this right?

Could be!

Often the push for reduced cost translates to looking for ways to get the drivers to undertake more services per day. Routing software and telematics can help, but more often than not we find other reasons for poor productivity.

Our analysis comprises both observation and data examination to benchmark your driver service performance and determine the potential for improvement.

We also offer a mini-benchmark analysis free of charge – get in touch to find out more.

Our service data capture isn’t great, can you help?


Compliance is often an issue. We can show you how to get compliance levels above 90% and beyond very quickly.

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We already have routing software and telematics, so how can you help?

This is often viewed as a panacea for field service productivity performance, but in truth it isn’t. At best it provides a robust basis for tackling the things that will impact service and customer loyalty, no bad thing to have, but at worst it is used as an excuse to do nothing else.

We can show you

  • What is happening at the customer interface versus what ought to be happening
  • How to minimise depot time
    • How to improve data capture at point of service

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