Measuring Customer Satisfaction

In virtually every business we encounter, we find that there is disparity between the measure that the client uses to gauge the satisfaction of their customer and that which the customer uses themselves.

There are myriad reasons for this, many of which are entirely valid – to one party or the other, but rarely both!

Let us show you

    • How you can avoid disparity in the first place
    • How to find disparity, especially when you have people in denial.
    • How to deal with disparity when you find it

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Our customer is simply wrong – can you fix that?

Yes. However, part of the solution may well involve you changing your view as much if not more than your customer.

What are the right measures?

The right measures absolutely depend upon your business, and not even necessarily will they be common with others in your sector.

Customers who buy from one retailer may have completely different expectations from those buying from another. For example, people who bank with an ‘ethical’ bank versus those who merely seek the best interest rate and don’t care if they invest your money in bombs and cigarettes. Both banks (ought to) have very different satisfaction measures.

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How often should we be measuring and reporting this?

Again, this depends upon the specific measure, and the requirements of your business. It is easy to go overboard, or to under report and miss critical customer misgivings.

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