National Account Management

People tend to gravitate toward doing the things they like, and the things with which they feel most comfortable. National Account Managers are human beings, and therefore no different.

However, to this one must overlay capability, past experience, current environment and also current state of mind. What worked in one situation before, perhaps in another company, may not work so well here and now. How do you know what will work here and now?

We’ll show you:

  • How your account managers ought to spend their time
  • How your account managers currently spend their time, and why
  • How to close the gap between what they do, and what they ought to do


Our NAM’s work alone, so how would training work?

Training consists of several stages, some of which is diagnostic time, some of which is development time, and some of which is coaching and mentoring time.

Diagnostics consists of self administered questionnaires, some one to one discussion, and companion observations (accompanying). We additionally take sample diagnostics of the working environment and culture, management behaviour, and plan – do – review framework.

From our diagnostic we pull together a plan which is tailored to both the business and the individual, with specific goals and targets set, and support requirements identified, creating the conditions required for success.

A programme of support, which would include a programme for both the individual and their corresponding line manager or director, would ensue.

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We have a mix of good and bad, should we not just recruit better ones?

Possibly, but recruitment is very expensive, especially when compared to the cost benefit of developing your existing staff.

Our capability assessment and diagnostic is usually a good place to start in advance of making hire and fire decisions – after all, you might just fire the wrong one!

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This is the job of the Sales Director, surely?

Actually, your Sales Director is unlikely to have either the time or the facility to undertake such a task, and we would be wary of any such individual laying claim to do so.

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