Recovering service levels

Sometimes things just go badly wrong. Managers leave, someone miscalculates volumes, suppliers fail, equipment suffers a catastrophic failure…

At times like these, you need someone reliable to call upon, someone who can jump right in and get things moving. At times like these, you can call Applied Acumen.

If that’s not you, should you relax? How do you know your business is not vulnerable to just such an event? This is a question the most astute leaders are asking, because they know that when service fails it is painful in every way. Again with this we can help through pressure testing and modelling scenarios, many of which we have encountered. It is probably one of the best investments you can make.


How do you pressure test the risk of service failure?

There are actually two elements to this: the risk of failure, and the cost of failure.

In some cases, the risk may be high, but the cost is low, whereas in others the risk is low but the cost of failure very high. We help you determine where the risk level is, and help you weigh the cost benefit of implementing risk management solutions.

Many businesses over-compensate for imagined risk to service, for example by having people on stand-by. It is oft quoted that one has to choose (any 2) between quality, service and cost but in reality this is a nonsense.

Our expertise allows clients to rationalise their decisions, by providing clear information, processes and graded risk management solutions to the situations they are most likely to encounter.

In the event of a crisis, would you cover shifts and weekends?


Crisis rarely takes time out or hides under the blanket.

Please call for further details.

How does your “service-recovery service” work?

In the event that you experience a catastrophic service failure it is important not to dither.

Our response is to work quickly with you to identify the experience and skill sets required to limit the damage, and recover the service level as quickly, and as cost effectively as possible.

An on-site response within 24 hours, together with a clear action plan will be followed with a more comprehensive recovery and stability plan.

We can assume full operational control, or provide directive support to your own teams, depending upon the circumstances and capability of your people.

Our immediate role is to provide a framework for regaining stability and the confidence of your customers, to pinpoint and eliminate the causes of instability, and provide an independent, rational and justified picture both of the manifest risks and of the contingent liabilities.

Since the costs vary enormously according to situation, please contact us for advice.

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Service crisis – it can happen to the best