Service level improvement

Applied Acumen are highly experienced in the development of sustained service level improvements in a variety of different industries and markets.

From the early origins of developing the principles and understanding of ‘Just In Time’ and ‘Right First Time ‘amongst a skeptical and highly resistant European supply base for Honda, to witnessing the current fad for trying to transpose these same principles – or at least a vague understanding of them – in to the UK food industry and elsewhere by countless consultants, business schools and managers. Applied Acumen have developed a uniquely successful method for improving service levels that actually sustains performance without compromising quality or cost.

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How is your approach different?

Incorporating our cost to serve analytics, we understand the various critical components that drive service levels higher, without any trade off with cost or quality.

A different path to The Toyota Way, but more powerful because with planning and NPD at it’s core, and less generic template-based, it translates to other industries such as food manufacturing far, far better.

To illustrate:

Food supply businesses have become more complex as runs are shorter, there are more changeovers, lead times are shorter, and expectations higher. Operations leaders are under increasing pressure to find productivity and performance savings against a backdrop of increasing costs and complexity.

The stock response has been and continues to be “simplify”, or for friction between operational leadership and a commercial leadership who are being asked to innovate and find additional sales – inevitably shorter runs and more impressive (complex) products in ever smaller niches, amongst greater competition.

It is in this environment that certain UK supermarkets are asking their suppliers to adopt and be audited against so called lean manufacturing principles, which are in fact poor versions of a basic Toyota Production System, itself not well adapted to the complexity challenge faced by these businesses as outlined above.

The answer is to get better at managing complexity. Embrace it. That’s where we can help.

How do you avoid the trade off between service, quality and cost?

There are two aspects to this: the approach and the technology.

The Approach

We undertake a thorough analysis of the dynamics of the operation to understand properly all the relevant parameters and their inter-dependencies. Leading from quality, and the imperative to not compromise on this aspect, we determine the factors that interfere with achieving right first time, on time in full, every time.

The Technology

Previously done by somewhat laborious computation, new technological advances mean we now have some super powerful ‘big data’ analytical software for our clients. This allows us to model exactly the optimum operating parameters to achieve the required quality and service performance.

This powerful suite is also linked to our team, line and individual capability assessment software which means clients can identify exactly who, when and where benchmark performances are being achieved!

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Do you just do food manufacturing, or other industries?

Yes, we do all types of industries.

Service levels are important in all industries, and whilst we have a strong reputation in food manufacturing, this is certainly evident form our work in the health sector, in education, and in other non food manufacturing and distribution environments.

We’re however still waiting for a call back from British Telecom.

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