Are you selling to the right people?

It is often accepted that a proportion of your customer base will always be transient, that a proportion will always drop off for a variety of reasons, not least including

  • Low loyalty to your brand or your products: “fancy a change”
  • Price sensitivity – your closest competitors actively undercut your offering
  • Low volume – they forget
  • Poor credit

Then there are myriad other reasons, which your sales force will typically only have anecdotal evidence for. Moreover, what is your business doing to manage the associated risk, or avoid the risk altogether? What are you doing to feed this information in to the front end of your business, to filter out poor targets?

By working with us, you can

  • Find out what customers you are losing and why
  • Understand and build a mechanism to reduce risk
  • Focus your front end activities on customers who will stick with you


Can you really reduce churn?


Most businesses have reasonable credit check and control procedures, but even those that do often fail to make the relationship between historical churn and future business target acquisition and sales strategy. Furthermore, it often takes an independent perspective to identify where higher value accounts are compromised.

Our customer base is entirely at the low value, price-sensitive, credit compromised end of the market – can your methods really work?

This is exactly where the methods we share with our client can have an immediate and dramatic impact on the bottom line. This market is in fact a rapidly growing one, and the businesses that can make it work can expect to see revenues and sales growth continue.

We can help you find the right path.

Our clients are at the high value, complex tendered, relationship based end of the market – can your methods make an impact here?


It is here that the reasons for churn (losing a customer) require deeper examination, and the right frameworks put in place to determine what the levers of satisfaction really are with any given client.

These are often assumed to be those contained within the contract, but in reality are not.

Furthermore, it is in learning how to diagnose the true customer feeling that this vital information can be fed into the front end sales process, and in designing service and product solution that have genuine appeal.

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