Factory Reporting

Move away from dodgy spreadsheets and hastily prepared graphs! Don’t wait for the information you need, from people who ought to be spending their time driving performance, not preparing reports.

Applied Acumen’s Factory Reporting Suite instantly gives you the information you need to make a difference. Whilst your competitors are all reviewing yesterday, you can be making an impact on today!

Review trends, over any time period you want, on any line, shift, crew, area…cut the data however you like, present it in line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, radars, traffic lights or speedos, in fact any way you want.

Plug and Play

Use our SFDC or your own to feed the reporting

Design your own outputs

Decide what you want to see, and we’ll ensure you get it.

Beam it all live

We can install monitors to display performance wherever and whenever you like

Cloud based data

The ‘so what’ is that your IT systems won’t get bogged down by large data transfers, and you can pull any report you like, whenever you like.

21st century continuous improvement

You report so you can act, but you don’t drive a car by looking in the rear view mirror. Use our reporting to take pre-emptive improvement actions

Mobile and Paperless

View performance anywhere in the world, on the move.