Productivity and Service


Applied Acumen has worked with some of the most complex and demanding field service operations in existence today, covering both highly complex multi-drop logistics (more variables than can be handled by the market leading routing software!), and also highly sensitive and technical servicing (e.g. medical equipment installation in the home).

Field Service performance is not all about software, or keeping track of your employees through mobile technology. For Applied Acumen these are merely the starting points to managing field service operations effectively.

We understand the need to protect the customer relationship, yet achieve improved productivity and lower cost whilst maintaining safe working and employee wellbeing.

True Capacity

We’ll show you why your asset ad resource capacity is different to what you think it is, and how to get more from it.


We’ll show you why your biggest gains are not to be made by making your technicians run faster!


We’ll show you how to install and link the right operational measures to your bottom line.

Operational Behaviours

How do you get every person taking responsibility?

RFT, On Time, In Full

Quality, cost and service are often seen as a 3 way trade off. We’ll show you why this is wrong, and a costly misconception

Implementing Lean

How do you implement a lean system, when your customer demand changes daily?

Managing Performance

No matter what you think your performance is, it could be better. A lot better. We’ll prove it.

System compliance

How do you get your employees to actually use the tech that you’ve invested in, and not use ‘workarounds’?


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