Making the margins

Every year the game gets harder to play:

Commodity price increases, direct labour cost pressure, energy cost increases, customer and consumer pressure for lower cost, better value, shorter runs, shorter product life cycles, more innovation, thinner layers of management, increasing indirect burdens – the customer wants more.

For how many is the typical response a capital investment in automation? For how many is it  to engineer the value from a product? For how many is the answer to delist or lose products with low or even negative margin? And for how many more is it merely to replace the operational managers who cannot make a big enough step change in performance?

Break from this “averagethink” mentality. Let us help you think differently.

True Capacity

We’ll show you why your asset capacity is different to what you think it is, and how to get more from it.


We’ll show you why your BoM’s are making it harder, not easier to make money, and how to fix them.


We’ll show you how to install and link the right operational measures to your bottom line.

Operational Behaviours

How do you get every person taking responsibility?

RFT, On Time, In Full

Quality, cost and service are often seen as a 3 way trade off. We’ll show you why this is wrong, and a costly misconception

Implementing Lean

How do you implement a lean system, when your customer forecast is so variable?

Managing Performance

No matter what you think your performance is, it could be better. A lot better. We’ll prove it.

Margin Pareto

Any idiot can do a margin pareto of the product portfolio and work on the tail. We’ll show you why that analysis is flawed, and what the real margin pareto looks like.


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