Growth and Portfolio Complexity in Food Sector

Increasing numbers of products, materials, destinations and promotions are being reported right across the UK food sector as suppliers and retailers try to compete for sales. Whether it is driven by the rise in exports for branded products, or the fierce competition between the supermarkets domestically, the simple matter of knowing where your profits come from is becoming increasingly difficult.

We understand the pressures on the suppliers, and that timescales to launch are getting shorter and shorter and we also understand that being able to measure actual performance against accurate standards is becoming more and more difficult.

That is why we have created special reporting products to accurately show variances and overhead costs in real time and at the right level of the organisation. No matter what the length of the production run, complexity of the product or number of skus involved, the customer has been able to see on which products and in which areas of manufacture or delivery what the costs are and why.

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