Increasing complexity, higher product churn, faster to market…how do you ensure you don’t get upstaged, overtaken or simply rendered unprofitable? You work with Applied Acumen, that’s how

No organisation can claim true high performing resilience without being able to adapt and change according to circumstance. Whilst there are always ‘Black Swan’ events that can bring a company down – most notably Barings, and Lehman Brothers in recent times – most companies that fail, or that succumb to competition are those which fail to do certain critical things, and which are unable to adapt quickly enough.

We can show you

  • How to unlock the potential profits hidden in your data
  • How prepared are you for change, and how well are you equipped to cope.
  • The products and customer relationships that you ought to be backing, and those you shouldn’t
  • How to reduce product development time
  • How to increase innovation in your organisation
  • How to reignite the flexibility, hunger and ambition of a start up, in your organisation
  • How to build a strategy for each function of your business that work together
  • How to increase field service productivity AND improve customer satisfaction

Improve your agility

Business Analysis

The quality of decisions reflects both the quality of the information upon which decisions are based, and the bias of those presenting it. Get the real picture without the spin.

Readiness for Change

You know what it is you want to do, and even how you’re going to do it. How about identifying all those things that are going to stop and delay you? We can help you clear the way.

Change Management

Everyone is skilled at this, it says so on their CV, right? And knowing what makes a good change programme, and actually making it happen are not the same thing either. Find out why.

NPD Process

The simplest of processes can cause the biggest of headaches, cost overruns, delays and loss of customers. Equally, a good NPD process can be a source of competitive advantage, or even a price of entry!

Innovation Culture

Innovation is not all about coming up with ideas for new products. Find out how you can breed and encourage innovation in everyone, whilst retaining control.

Start Up Mindset

Start ups are characterised by enthusiasm and energy, by speed and quick decision making, and by flexibility and responsiveness. How do you generate that in your organisation?

Product Strategy

Leave the school-book matrix and spreadsheet pareto on the shelf. Instead use our technology to show you exactly which products and customers will give you the best future outcomes

Operations Strategy

What makes a good operations strategy? How should it be written, who should do it, when, and how should it be used to build value? Find out how the best companies leverage their operations for commercial advantage

Supply Chain Management

Supply strategies should be so much more than mere supplier management and negotiation hyperbole. Let us show you how a good strategy can provide competitive advantage beyond simple cost reduction

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