Change Management

How confident are you that the change management capability of your organisation is up to the job?

If you are reliant upon the collective or specific experience of your management team, or upon following a Prince 2 type process, or even and perhaps especially a DMAIC one, good luck. You’ll need it.

Change Management is not just a process, it is a specialist skillset quite separate from that which might normally be associated with line management, technical implementation or even continuous improvement. It is as different from the management of change in line management, to take but one example, as normal road driving is from racing driving, or using a spreadsheet is from building an SQL database.

This misunderstanding this is very common indeed, shared as it is by many less experienced managers, the majority of recruiters, and frankly most consultants!

The ‘So what?” here is that the experts at Applied Acumen can help you:

  • Validate and audit your change management capability
  • Provide a bullet-proof framework for structured management of change that is designed specifically for your organisation – plugging any gaps you currently have
  • Provide a clear risk assessment on any current change initiatives with recommended actions.


What’s is involved in your audit, and how long does it take?

Our audit includes the following elements:

  • Examination of your change objectives
  • Examination of your change management process, protocols and procedures
  • Examination of your method for assessing readiness for change
  • Examination of your compliance requirements (e.g. government, legal, etc)
  • Examination of your communications management
  • Examination of your organisational resources
  • Examination of your organisational resilience
  • Examination of functional alignment

The duration (and therefore cost) can be flexed according to scale, and can range from a short, rapid high level assessment (1 -2 days), through to a detailed, in depth exercise (3 – 30 days).

We’re running Prince 2 methodology with qualified PMP practitioners, what could possibly go wrong?

Really? How about

Moreover, how about performance improvement projects that fail to deliver the promised benefit, or those that actually do deliver some results but then these gains aren’t sustained for more than 5 minutes after the project ends. Not only do most projects fail to cover the things we do, those elements that are done are executed so poorly the outcome is even worse – more so because it hides the problem! Find out more by calling us today.

What is the value of running an audit on change management capability?

OK, this can be examined in two ways:

1.The costs of not running a change project very well

2.The benefit of doing it well

In the case of the first point, the costs of running a poor project really can be boundless! There is the obvious cost of none delivery, or of over runs, but the true cost is actually hidden. This is the cost associated with

    • demotivation associated with failure
    • disincentive to ambition: “we’ve tried that already and it didn’t work”
    • reinforcement of barriers to change, especially behavioural ones
    • Reinforcement of belief that “this is as good as it gets”

By contrast, the value in getting it right – in addition to the obvious performance benefits that may form part of the change objectives – include

    • a new confidence in the ‘art of the possible’
    • a change in perspective regarding how change can be effected
    • a change in perspective regarding how adaptive and flexible people can be
    • a greater readiness to repeatedly challenge, and reach higher

With the stakes so high, it is a wonder we aren’t asked to do more audits!

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