Some companies appear to be much better at innovation than others.

When we examine the differences, we find that those companies better at innovation do not excel because the people in it are any more clever than their contemporaries.

Moreover, it should not be that when we think of innovative companies, we must only think of high tech businesses, or of huge investment in R & D. Nor should we have to imagine cheeky start up companies, internet based enterprises, or an exciting new app that will make our fortune.

How about the food manufacturer, the construction company, the education provider, the 3rd tier automotive supplier, the wholesale warehouse operator, or the logistics provider? How do you become innovative in these ‘more traditional’ businesses?

This is about process, of course, and method, but it is also about values, ambition and structure, about investment and about language. Moreover, it is about behaviour and culture, and about all those other things that shape behaviour and culture.

This is Applied Acumen’s expertise.

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We didn’t know you were expert on innovation! What is your proof of claim?

We are expert in behaviours and culture, and understanding all those things that drive behaviours and shape the culture of an organisation.

This understanding, which we have developed in to a successful approach and implementation methodology, allows us to diagnose the barriers to and enablers for change, derive action plans and coach leadership in how to act upon them. It is an understanding and expertise that we know works in business, and particularly in the manufacturing and distribution sectors in which we are well known – operational improvement.

However, also we decided to test our behaviour change methodology an area in which we were previously unfamiliar – innovation, and in an environment and sector in which we had no pervious experience – education.

The results were nothing short of stunning: winning an award from Personnel Today in the face of competition from notorious market leader Virgin, The AA, The British Library and the innovative insurance company LV

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Does innovation mean we simply have to invest more money in NPD?

Maybe, but not necessarily. Could be you’re paying too much! We can help you determine the right level of investment, to ensure you get your ‘bang for buck’.

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