Replicating the energy of the Start Up culture

It is almost a cliché that start up companies are agile, fast thinking, innovative, and exciting, vibrant places to be. There’s an immediate and palpable sense of freshness, of new ideas, and of taking on the (typically bigger, established) competition.

These are all characteristics that we want to exist in any company, aren’t they?

So how come these characteristics don’t exist in your company? What happened when the procedures and processes became largely standardised? What happened when everyone started using ‘the right form’ for this and for that, and things started to be ‘managed’ rather than just done?

More to the point, how do you get those characteristics back?

Let Applied Acumen show you how.

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We’re an established company with a defined corporate culture – can we really change?


The starting point is to examine the current culture, and benchmark it against the characteristics that we are looking to emulate or recreate.

Applied Acumen can help you do this, and present a clear action plan with simple steps you can take.

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What’s the point?

When was the last time you were really excited about your job? Do you feel like you are making a difference? Do you still have a hunger and ambition that almost hurts? Do you even like the people you work with? Do you feel like you can achieve anything, and can change anything, that you can smash through walls and make new connections every day? Do you feel that everyone around you feels this way?

How much is that kind of energy and engagement worth?

Please call us and we can help you find out!

We have a work force with a ‘more mature’ age profile – why should we behave like a start up. ?

See “what’s the point?” above!

It does not matter what age profile or what the current state of malaise may be in your business, increasing the energy and engagement of everyone around you can only be a good thing.

Now call us to find out how much that could be worth.

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