Supply Chain Management

Developing a strategy to manage your supply chain is often done to fulfil the requirement set out by an MD or CEO who is simply keen to understand what is being done to manage suppliers to achieve a better cost profile.

However, a good supply chain strategy ought to achieve so much more.

Quite apart from the management of input cost, there is supply chain risk, or rather the identification, reduction and management of risk in the supply chain. In addition, there ought to be consideration of how the mechanics of supply can be optimised – both in how goods and services get from A (origin) to B (end user), and in the systems and procedures that enable supply, along with consideration of format.

Then of course a good supply chain strategy should cover the optimisation of the very function itself, which may run across several departments of a business, and also how it aligns with other functions of the business such as operations, finance and sales, which many supply strategies do not (for example, encouraging by various means the procurement of input quantities which achieve a low unit cost, but then subsequently get written off when left unused beyond it’s useful life).

Applied Acumen can help you develop a good strategy that does all this and much more, creating a supply chain strategy that can actually do what it ought to – become a source of competitive advantage.


We have a purchasing strategy, dealing with how we will strong arm suppliers, isn’t this enough?


As will hopefully be highlighted above, a good supply chain strategy, and also a good purchasing approach, is not about “strong arming” suppliers. This can in fact be counter productive in many cases, and certainly sub optimal.

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Supply Chain runs across several departments, so how can we do it?

To create a strategy that is aligned with the rest of the business means the process of developing the strategy ought to be a collaborative one. Hence, working across several departments is actually a good thing!

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We’re all MCIPS qualified, and our Purchasing Director’s a genius, so why do we need you?

Many functional leaders arrive having never had formal training, and certainly none in the development of an aligned strategy. Furthermore, even with CIPS qualifications, as with most things in life, understanding and having studied something is not the same as doing it and bringing it to life. This is where our expertise, experience and objectivity can be of great value.

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