From implementing basics, to using operational capability for competitive advantage…we can help

There are many who would proclaim the need to emulate Toyota in order to excel, but what worked for the auto industry 50 years ago may not be good for your business today, and in fact could do it serious damage.

Our approach to operations improvement is simple: we help you work out what your business needs, and build a solution with you that delivers it consistently.

We’ll show you

        • What ‘good looks like’ for your business (not a ‘me too’ generic audit template)
        • How to find big, quick wins to fund your improvement
        • How to develop, and not try to impose, a continuous improvement culture
        • How to sustain results long after your programme has run it’s course
        • How to develop a business operating system that gives you real competitive advantage
        • How to exceed customer expectations without giving all the hard-fought gains away

Explore our provision of incisive expertise

Labour Productivity

There are many factors that contribute to increased direct labour cost other than volume. We examine every one to identify the levers you can safely pull

Material Yields

Often the single largest cost in a manufacturer, we combine state of the art analytical technology with practical front line knowhow to increase yields and reduce waste.

Distribution Efficiency

Simple vehicle and driver management tools through to complex network planning, route optimisation and drop scheduling compliments any level of transport operation.

Lean Management

Installing a “me too” Toyota inspired lean production system does not make you lean, or excellent. Find out how to do it properly from experts who’ve done it.

Shop Floor Data Capture

Find out how new “Industry 4.0” technology can revolutionise how you manage, and your choice of consulting partner.

Warehouse Performance

Optimising pick and replenishment whilst increasing accuracy and lowering costs doesn’t have to rely on buying an expensive WMS. Find out how.

Supply Chain Management

Integrating supply chains and collaborating with suppliers can yield huge benefits in both purchasing and procurement savings, but also gains downstream in production and distribution.

Continuous Improvement

Our technology will enable you to revolutionise the culture by giving your staff the tools they need to do the job you need them to do. And no one needs to learn Japanese.

Indirect Costs

Everyone is busy, but how do you tell your busy bees from your busy fools? Technical, Administration, engineering, Finance and Service functions can all be optimised using the right approach

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