Distribution cost reduction

We have optimised some of the most complex, service sensitive distribution operations in existence today.

Applied Acumen offers end to end solutions for the sustained reduction of distribution costs. We can also provide targeted, practical support to distribution operations to make an immediate impact.

Network Optimisation:

we can transform informal, paper and pen, driver determined routes and give you a managed drop schedule that delivers the service your customers demand.

For those clients who run expensive route planning software and/or telematics, the benefits come from optimising the end to end supply chain, not just the time on the road.

Network Management: 

We help our clients make the most of optimised routing and data, bringing best practice to the management of resources, to ‘cash the cheque’.


Our distribution is different, with complex delivery criteria – can you still help?


Since our inception we have been providing solutions to retail, wholesale, food service, primary, trunking, multi-modal, field service and critical service clients.

Examples include:-

    • Medical service provider to vulnerable client groups, integrating same day emergency scheduling, UK national network.
    • National farm to fork commodity food products
    • National bread product distribution, acknowledged as one of the most complex operations
    • National sandwich (short shelf-life) distribution
    • National hygiene services provider, (32 distribution variables – a dozen more than most standard routing packages can handle)
    • National stationery products distributor, with 17,000 sku’s and 5 service levels (same day, next day etc)

Do you have routing software, and if so is it expensive?

Applied Acumen provide both routing software and the required ongoing service and support such packages demand.

The good news is that our software doesn’t cost anywhere near that charged by the more well known providers. That’s because we see our value in helping clients use the powerful features of the software, and to reap the rewards of using it.

We can guide you in collecting the necessary data to make the systems work, build a solution to make best use of the people you have in place, and offer support to plug any gaps.

We provide subscription and support packages to suit all budgets, starting from as little as £999 + VAT.

Contact us to explore how we might help.

We have no data, it is really manual – what can you do?

This situation is one we are familiar with.

The simple answer is to begin collecting the data you need – something we can help guide you with.

Please call for further details.

How long does it take you to (re)route a depot?

This of course depends upon the size of the depot, number of drivers and drops, complexity of drops and so on, and most of all it depends upon the quality of the data.

However, we can quickly provide you with an estimate, and also with an estimate of the likely benefit from doing it.

Please call for further details.

Do you provide interim support?


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These clients have some of the most complex distribution operations in existence