Indirect function cost reduction

It is not always easy to set budgets within indirect functional areas, much less to properly gauge the value that each person or team is able to contribute. Our expertise covers key functions such as:

Our expertise covers key functions such as:

    • engineering
    • hygiene
    • technical
    • finance
    • customer services
    • commercial

Applied Acumen can show you

    • How to set the correct manning level in any indirect functional area
    • How to set the right measures
    • How to tell your ‘busy bees’ from your ‘busy fools
    • How to align your back office processes to take cost out

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When is the best time to act?


In business there is always a lot to do, and there is ALWAYS a reason NOT to do something. For example, you would ideally want to go in to the new budget year knowing the right level of manning, right?

Yet, end of year is soooo busy! No time to be doing anything else, right?

The ONLY time you shouldn’t do this is right after you just done it. Period. Thereafter, you can recheck your assumptions annually, or whenever there’s a substantive change. Otherwise, stop prevaricating and get on with it.

We have a very complex function with specialists in it – can you help?


Our job is to quantify what people are doing and also to understand everything that inhibits those people from doing more of it in less time. The methodology we employ allows us to do this without having to be skilled at the individual’s job, analogous to ascertaining the productivity of a driver without actually knowing how to drive oneself.

We’re growing – how do we keep a lid on costs?

This can be difficult when managers will naturally be calling for additional resources in order to increase capacity.

However, this is exactly the time when you need to establish the right link between capacity and the resources and tasks. It is far easier to control the inbound resource acquisition, in addition to reducing the effort required to build capacity.

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We merged with another department – can you help?


It is a good time to review the link between activity and resource when departments (or companies) merge, since this is when you are most likely to benefit from reducing complexity, duplication, and misunderstanding, whilst at the same time you can use the opportunity to optimise processes, cross-train and mentor, and liberate capacity and find cost savings (typically the aim of any merger).

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