Shop Floor Data Capture and Reporting

Applied Acumen is at the forefront of developments in the field of shop floor data capture technology and can provide cutting edge solutions to any operation no matter what the starting point.

Our applications can take data directly from machines, or from customisable and meaningful data entry points on your factory floor, and create immediately accessible customisable reports.

Whilst your competitors struggle to make sense of yesterday, you can be impacting your result today, with live information at your fingertips! The technology exists, and it is cheaper than you think.

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How is it different from the typical spreadsheet reporting we see?

It is very different in a number of respects:

  • Our system can handle much more data. Spreadsheets are hugely limited in the amount of data they can handle, and very quickly become unwieldy.
  • Massively more robust. Data is held centrally, with customisable reports drawing upon that data when required. Where the integrity of spreadsheets and the data in spreadsheets becomes quickly compromised by even small changes, our system does not rely on an individuals knowledge of Excel, or even knowledge of the data itself.
  • Customisable reports fit for purpose, and available on any platform. Reports can be exported to MS Office applications, of course, but with Power BI applications available, reporting has never been so adaptable, and useful. Drill down to the specifics, or zoom out to meaningful summaries – all possible with a single click.
  • More secure. Data is held remotely, so can be more easily protected from both malicious hacks and more common human errors.
  • Scale. Our system can handle massive amounts of ‘big’ data. The ‘so what?’ is that by examining this data it is possible to identify trends and insights that spreadsheets simply cannot.
  • Quick installation. Our system is quick to install – you will not see a consultant spending weeks behind a laptop creating yet another spreadsheet, reinventing what is essentially a wooden cart-wheel.

Can you measure and report OEE, material yields and productivity?


Our Power reporting platform can measure just about anything you want.

Moreover, we can also get it to display what it is worth: very powerful when seeking to transform mindsets and empower your staff.

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How much does it cost?

One off installations start from as little as €1999 plus VAT, with various support packages also on offer to suit your business ambitions.

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Can it be integrated with our planning system?


Our SFDC reporting tools have been designed from an operations management perspective, and integrate with every package in common use, such as SAP, Navision, Preactor, Sanderson, Infor, MS Dynamics, Oracle, and so on – there are literally hundreds, including perhaps the most common: home made Excel!

To ask if we’ve worked with your system before, give us a call.

Can it enable paperless in our operation?


We can take data directly from machines and report on it meaningfully, and in compliance with industry and client standards.

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