Warehouse cost reduction, productivity and quality performance

Warehouses are a critical component in any supply chain, and a poorly run one can impact massively upon service levels and cost. This is true whether you have a highly developed WMS, or a simple paper based stock management system.

Applied Acumen have a successful track record of developing warehousing operations, and we’d be delighted to share client case studies with you, explore parallels with your business, and see how we might bring value to your operation. Please contact us to discuss further.

      • Stock accuracy
      • Utilisation
      • Layout planning
      • Pick accuracy
      • Replenishment
      • Timeline control
      • Shift planning
      • Agency labour management
      • Leakage management
      • WMS selection
      • Pick training
      • Productivity


We want lean warehousing – do you do that?


The plan for this would be developed with you, and based upon an initial examination of your current state, needs and ambitions.

Our solutions typically would include:

    • Identification of quick wins, to fund the systemic work required
    • Behavioural assessments to understand the training and development needs
    • Value chain analysis and improvement plan
    • Timeline analysis and labour planning
    • Training and coaching
    • Pick rate, pick accuracy, order fulfilment studies and improvement plans
    • Environment improvement plans (incorporating 5S techniques)

Do you supply a WMS solution?

No, but we’ll help you select the right one.

There are a great many WMS providers out there: our value added is helping you select one that is fit for purpose at the lowest cost.

Many providers will wish to sell you functionality that you simply do not need, or that will not add value. Moreover, there are many packages out there that are very expensive, but whose functionality is no greater than some very cheap off the shelf solutions.

Our labour planning solutions plug in to any and every WMS package, and we have no preference or bias for any particular WMS solution.

Can you help with a labour roster to match our pick and replen timeline?

Can you help us set standards to help us measure productivity?


We approach this in two ways, through data analysis and through direct observations. It is the combination of the two that provides client management with both objective activity standards and also most crucially the interference factors – those things that impede better productivity.

Common examples of interference which can be solved include

    • Items in wrong location, or missing
    • Items misidentified
    • Convoluted layouts (e.g. slow moving stock mixed with fast moving)
    • Congested aisles

A further challenge often set is to measure individual staff member productivity, particularly difficult where several staff are working in an area as a group. We can help design mechanisms, or develop technology solutions, to measure individuals to enable performance management.

Please call for further details.

Do you provide interim support?


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