Opportunity Analysis

Another pioneering first for Applied Acumen: we have leveraged the tremendous progress made in “big data” analytics to the benefit of our clients. Using the new software we have developed, we actually provide our clients with a new window on their performance.

In a matter of hours, we can present you with a clear picture of not just where you can generally improve productivity by X% here, and material yield by Y% there. You’ll be able to see for yourself exactly which products, which shifts, which lines, which customers…you can express it in cases, in weight, in hours, and in currency, in fact in any unit you feel comfortable with and that has meaning for your business.

This is new. It is powerful. And we are offering it to you free of charge.

That’s because our value is not in the technical delivery of analysis. It is in the delivery of a sustained outcome.

Scalable solution

Our Opportunity Analysis software can handle much more data than yesterday’s spread sheets

Easy to see results

Point and click on the screen to go from helicopter summary down to the specific products

Real money potential

The outputs can be expressed in local currency – you can actually easily see which products offer the biggest performance opportunity

Find missing money

Opportunity is often hidden – our analysis can flush out what your current reports don’t tell you.

It’s quick and painless

We can provide you with a rapid assessment of the real potential in your operation without interfering with the day to day activity

It’s FREE!

No obligation, no tricks, no sales gimmick. It’s just time for us to move the bar up. Again.