We completely eliminate the financial risk associated with commissioning work

“At last – consultants prepared to talk about cash! Acumen are the only outfit I know who put their money where their mouth is. They find the cash, then get after it in a professional and structured way that delivers results”
Group Operations Director

Our analysis process reveals the actions that need to be taken to improve results – whether that’s top line sales or bottom line expense, or both. We generate a forecast cash-flow based on our experience of implementing change and when we think the money will be visible in the real accounts. The cash-flow balances cash benefit with the cost of support to help deliver it.

“We got €2million benefit for an exposure of less than €15k – that’s less than the cost of a front line operator!”
Finance Director

We tailor the cash-flow to each client, and each assignment, but there are common key characteristics:

  • We share any exposure with the client, matching any risk we ask the client to take, and very often shouldering much more
  • Assignments always break even before completion, and often do so within several weeks of the start
  • Once we commit and agree to the forecast, if we don’t hit it, the client doesn’t pay. The forecast is therefore the worst case scenario
“Acumen are incentivised to perform, whilst our people are bought into the joint approach. It’s certainly a unique approach and one I can endorse”