People behaviour, not tools, management fads or dogma, are the key to success in any endeavour…

Few would disagree with our assertion, but only Applied Acumen has completely reinvented the  approach to performance improvement as a result. Acknowledgement, understanding and appreciation of behaviour in determining sustained success led us to develop an approach, methodology and modus operandi that remains unique and quite different from every one of our contemporaries. We walk the walk.

From our payment by results model, to our unique behaviour diagnostics and capability development, clients experience a process of transformation that whilst challenging, feels right, and delivers real, tangible changes in the way people think and behave, leading not just to sustained results, but a new level of capability and confidence.

Even more exciting, we have now migrated our powerful people assessment tools to a new technology platform that allows clients to

          • Link specific role characteristics to actual measured performance in role
          • Identify the particular weaknesses in particular people, allowing focus on development priorities
          • Tell the busy bees, from the busy fools.
          • Increase engagement by understanding the real drivers of behaviour
          • Develop the right target culture faster, and with objectivity and clarity
          • Get everyone operating at the right level, rather than one or more levels down.

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Capability Assessment

Even the best assessments tend to be generic, until now. Our PAQ uniquely facilitates the creation of a role specific development plan suited to your business.

Cultural Transformation

This doesn’t come from putting up posters, making speeches, or from installing daily reviews, short interval control boards and talking in Japanese.

Supervisory Training

Support your front line leaders with ILM certified courses that are designed to deliver measurable results in your business, without disrupting your operation

Absence Reduction

Absence is often a symptom of underlying problems that are not being addressed. We can help diagnose, but moreover we can help you fix it.

Employee Engagement

The great challenge for leadership: how to bring everyone with you. Don’t worry, you don’t need the charisma of Elvis to have an engaged workforce.

Lean 6 Sigma

Most training in this area can be just text book theory you can pick up online. We prefer to give ILM certified training that delivers immediate results.

Behaviour Change

Most consultants will try to convince you that behaviours can be changed by implementing a basic management control system. We’re not most consultants.

Leadership Training

Many leaders arrive in position having to guess their way to greatness, and with little personal support. Do you want to be effective, valued, and happy?

Organisation Structure

Restructuring is often done for entirely the wrong reasons, and done badly even when for the right reasons. Let us help you do it right, when it’s right to do it.

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