Developing Capability

We are excited to have adapted our hugely powerful PAQ capability assessment methodology to the new Microsoft BI technology platform, providing amazing new insights and possibilities.

Our methodology is unique in several respects:

        • We develop a bespoke assessment using your companies’ language and idioms
        • The assessment comprises a self assessment by the individuals
        • The PAQ is designed to test criteria specific to an individual’s role, not generic attributes

The resulting outputs allow investment in training in development to be targeted to those specific needs that will deliver a measurable benefit and value to the business. Moreover, it allows you to address the gaps in candidates understanding, expectation and ambition, and do so objectively.

In this manner, for the first time you can be certain you are focussing ion things that matter, and that will make a difference to performance in the role.

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How often would you do this assessment?

We undertake the PAQ to support our performance improvement programmes, and therefore do so at the beginning of the programme and toward the end.

This allows us to develop bespoke training and development in support of and to accelerate the changes we wish to effect.

We would propose you start with a pilot to demonstrate the benefit, but are convinced you will want to make it part of your annual review and PDP process.

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Does it work alongside other testing, like Myers-Briggs, Disc and so on?

Yes. However, unlike other psychometric, and even situational or contextual testing, the PAQ provides specific information on job related essentials, since it is built with real workplace scenarios and tests, and additinally exposes the gap in an individual’s understanding clearly.

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How does the Microsoft Power BI platform make a difference?

The data collected from administering the PAQ is fed in to our cloud based servers form which the Power BI software can be used to present results.

The real power behind Power BI is in being able to link different data sets to provide fresh perspective not just on individuals, but across teams, across groups, between levels in an organisation, between shifts, between departments and so on.

This allows you to quickly work out where your priorities are, and how best you might address the largest opportunities with the least effort.

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