Cultural transformation

Applied Acumen has deep understanding and experience of transforming the culture of an organisation.

Whilst barely a CV exists today without a liberal sprinkling of “change management” experience, there is a world of difference in what we do that we are happy to share with our clients, and are keen for others to understand and emulate, not least to dispel the myth of ubiquitous expertise.

At the heart of cultural transformation is:

    • a need to understand behaviours, and
    • to be able to articulate this understanding in ways that allow cognisance of how they can be influenced on an individual, group, social and corporate or organisational level, and
    • Being able to define a target behaviour set that reflects the culture you want, and
    • Being able to exercise influence in a manner that reflects your values

When choosing your transformation partner, you should explore the answers to these questions deeply, not least as it will not only effect outcomes, but also how your people feel.


If there’s no leadership buy in it won’t happen…cultural transformation is led from the top, yes?

Yes, and no. Revolutions are rarely initiated by the established elite…

However, the best chance of success is for everyone to be aligned and understand the game being played, and what winning means. Our HPO diagnostic has been designed specifically to achieve this aim, enabling leadership to pinpoint exactly everything required to achieve transformative change.

We’re on a lean journey, but how do we get everyone engaged?

Almost every consultancy selling lean transformation methodology focus upon the technical changes, with the lack of knowledge or effort of how to shape behaviours either leading to extremely poor adoption, extremely slow adoption, or both.

These approaches remain extremely popular however, principally because they are easy and logical. There is little challenge to management, who may remain well inside their comfort zone, and able to accommodate the many things which actually stand in the way of both engagement and of becoming truly lean.

The result is that the initial benefits – actually gained by paying attention to the shop-floor and installing basic plan – do – review disciplines – soon begin to wane, or even deteriorate. Despite the new wallpaper (charts, posters etc), probable new language (“SIC”, “DRM”, “Kaizen” and “Gemba”), and a palpable defensiveness over how much better everything is, the whole place begins to reach a kind of stagnant stalemate. The worst of it is, few even acknowledge there’s a problem!

If you are lucky, you have a leader who is prepared to challenge assumptions once more, and call in some experts.
We can audit your lean transformation and help you plug the missing elements of your change programme.

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You can’t hurry cultural change, can you?

Yes, you can, with the right approach, and the right support.

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