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For most businesses employee engagement starts and ends with a survey of some kind. This is because for many, employee engagement can be roughly interpreted as acknowledgement of there being a large void between management and those being managed (i.e. those doing the work).

Surveys can indeed help to quantify and qualify this void, but care must be taken both to ensure that you properly diagnose the issues, and crucially help you to act upon what you find. Most surveys achieve neither.

Moreover, in addition to developing diagnostic surveys that do what is needed, Applied Acumen encourage clients to consider the bigger picture: in the absence of a survey, how should the company achieve a cohesive workforce and management culture that can be sustained indefinitely?

In working with us to answer this question, clients can truly achieve employee engagement. If this is something you want to measure or improve, call us to discuss.


Can you give an example where engagement has been a challenge?

Engagement is a challenge in every business, but it is especially difficult in organisations which are geographically spread, where there is or has been acquisition or mergers with other organisations with different cultures, where there is a large contingent of apathetic or disenfranchised youth more interested in other more exciting things like social media and each other, where pay is historically low, where there is scarcity of resources, and where there is enforced structural or process change.

ALL these factors were present when we worked with a UK Further Education super-college formed from an amalgamation of several regional colleges. 1200 staff spread over multiple campuses, serving 45,000 students, looking to transition to a far more challenging funding formula.

Coming to us for advice over how to implement a staff and student suggestion scheme, we had a better idea which ultimately led to us sharing with the college an award from Personnel Today.

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Our workforce are belligerent, how do we get them onside?

Carefully, and with our help. Even the process of engaging with an independent third party is a good move in such circumstances.

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We have a geographically diverse work force, how can we keep everyone engaged ?

There are a number of things that you need to do in order to retain the engagement of a geographically diverse workforce.

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