Leadership training and development

Strong leaders recognise that ongoing personal and professional development are both important in order to remain an effective leader.

Whether they arrive in post from a previous job, or a different, perhaps lower position, or indeed very often both of these things, there is no guarantee that the behaviour which worked before for the individual is going to work again, or in different circumstances.

In fact, it is common for leaders to try to apply what they know from a previous role in a new role, and apply it in a way they think is familiar and right, and fail. It is equally common to manage people in the same way in different circumstances, and under achieve as a result.

The biggest barrier to fixing this is typically the individual themselves. Not only is it difficult for leaders to acknowledge with humility that the way they think, behave or act might need to change, especially if it has provided success previously, it is almost impossible to do so openly, which either they, or their colleagues may interpret as weakness; a shortcoming that might prove career limiting, and embarrassing.

Applied Acumen has a range of leadership development solutions that can help avoid this kind of impotence, underperformance by an otherwise talented and hugely valuable resource.

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Do you do one to one coaching, and if so how does this work?


We offer a range of solutions for senior managers (functional heads and above), which include

    • Role and position specific coaching, for example “Head of Operations”, “Head of Finance” etc
    • Personal effectiveness coaching, for example including presentations skills, political skills, managing others

For very senior clients we are also able to offer a limited number of private, person-centred support places delivered by a qualified psycho-dynamic therapist.

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Do you run general leadership training courses?

Yes. We are able to accommodate leadership teams of any size covering a number of subjects which may be set by agreement

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