Organisational restructuring

Restructuring may be triggered by any number of events, including acquisition, merger, demerger, downsizing, scaling up, customer demand patterns and so on.

No matter the cause, any restructuring is stressful and time consuming for everyone involved. This is the case even when everything goes smoothly, and it is entirely clear what the changes must be. Unfortunately, it is rarely the case that there is clarity, direction or no hiccups!

Applied Acumen help clients:

    • Work out what the right structure ought to be, and evaluate options
    • Build a project plan that will guide the transition on time
    • Redefine roles, accountabilities and associated job descriptions
    • Support management through the transition


We want fewer levels in our business, can you help?


This can be driven by a need to cut cost, or some vague desire to “simplify”. No matter, we can help you decide what the right hierarchy of responsibilities actually is, and moreover help you determine the right selection criteria.

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What is the right spans of control for people?

We are often asked this question, the two most common being

What is the right number of direct reports for me, as MD, I think I have too many…?

What is the maximum number of operators a supervisor should have to look after?

The answer is that it depends…we consider a number of variables, and these are hardly ever the same in tow different organisations.

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We need to change a lot of people, how do we go about it?

There are certain technical [legal] compliance requirements we can help you through, but our real value is in the tactical transition.

    • How do you rebuild confidence in your organisation?
    • How do you ensure fair and manageable redistribution of work?
    • How do you manage the communication, before, during and after?

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