Front Line Manager development

Our front line management training is designed and delivered by specialists, but unlike most providers, Applied Acumen training is adapted for each client.

More to the point, our training is designed to raise the specific capabilities that will make the biggest difference to your operational performance.

We do this by:

1. Firstly identifying the desired traits, behaviours and qualities for success in the role

2. Measuring the training group capabilities and attributes against the success criteria

3. Undertaking a variance analysis, incorporating a powerful situational Vs self-assessment diagnostic

4. Identifying common ‘group’ or team deficiencies, and individual specific coaching needs

5. Linking training to observed behaviour.

Our approach means that limited training resources can focus upon the things that matter and have value for both the company and the individual.


Is your training certified – do our people achieve a qualification?


Certification is by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Please call to discuss your requirements.

We cannot spare people for training, they are too busy operationally. What can you do?

This is a common barrier to getting people trained, particularly those involved in front line roles.

However, this is not a barrier for us. Whilst we can and do undertake classroom based sessions, our focus is always on application of the training in the workplace, and we can always find a way around operational priorities.

To illustrate, for one logistics client we undertook coaching sessions in 15 – 30 minute ‘mini units’, whereby the trainer had dialogue with the subject immediately prior to observing the subject undertake the activity, then subsequently reviewing the activity for a few minutes with the subject and agreeing learning points (to be applied next time). This process was repeated (for a training population of 32) over 12 weeks, covering every aspect of the (32) subjects role in job. Results were immediately applied and apparent, and was an effective way to apply learning in the workplace without disruption, whilst providing other benefits such as improved time management and self organisation.

Please call for further details.

Do you do technical training?

Generally, no.

We do work collaboratively with third parties to ensure that any such training is effective and applied correctly in the workplace as intended.

Examples include:

    • Purchasing training to compliment CIPS
    • Behaviours training to compliment CIPD
    • Operations training to compliment NEBOSH & other HSE related training
    • Operations training to compliment HACCP and other hygiene related training
    • Operations training to compliment machine operation training

Please call for further details.

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