Reviewing behaviours can improve teamwork in the workplace… and deliver extra profits too

As part of a process review to accommodate increasing volumes to a site, Applied Acumen identified nearly £800k of benefits, with immediately deliverable savings of £292k.

Through reviewing day-to-day behaviours of management in relation to the manufacturing process, a gap analysis identified the priorities for each role within the business and exactly what was preventing these priorities from being achieved routinely on a daily basis.

By applying our methodology, a lack of enthusiasm to challenge and change processes and practices was transformed, and encouragement to initiate change from a reinvigorated and newly confident front-line management helped to drive improvements forward (including halving of downtime, faster changeovers, and higher overall equipment effectiveness).

Visible, measurable improvements in behaviour change across the business helped to show that the implementation of change was not only designed specifically for the customer but that it had become self-sustaining – a key feature of our methodology.

    • All our work will be aligned to customer STRATEGY
    • We deliver a sustainable result by changing BEHAVIOURS within the customer’s business
    • We ensure we work within the customer’s company VALUES in everything we do
    • We treat your CUSTOMER SERVICE as if it was our own

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