Foodservice logistics company

-£30M+ Loss to £2M+ PROFIT

Best Food (formerly Bidvest) Logistics are the leading supplier of logistical and supply chain solutions to the UK hospitality and restaurant sector, and count KFC, Nando’s  Burger King and Pizza Express among their customers. Part of BidCorp, a listed company with over 100,000 employees, Bidvest has suffered from intense competition in the sector and, unable to differentiate on service, was operating at a significant loss on most contracts. 

Prevailing conditions included

    • Extremely tight and challenging contracted service targets which had rarely been achieved, including the specification of a specific 1 hour timed delivery window which could never fall inside a mealtime (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
    • A deeply sceptical customer base ready, willing and able to shift business elsewhere.
    • 40% over capacity in fleet and drivers almost overnight, with the major part of the fleet locked in a long-term lease deal, and a need to reschedule across a significant proportion of the business.
    • Time-served and sceptical workforce feeling naturally threatened and unnerved by the changes

    Industry specialists Applied Acumen were chosen by Bidvest Logistics to help deliver a transformational step change in service performance.

    Applied Acumen adapted their innovative business intelligence software to the particular needs of Bidvest, and quickly implemented a brand new interface with the existing transport management system, routing and spreadsheet-based reporting, and created an innovative performance reporting dashboard that managers could understand and act upon. Furthermore, this same data was used to create a unique Customer Service Portal, showing delivery performance and all the key metrics in real time, and on any device, with a simple and unique login by customer.

“Since we were introduced to the Applied Acumen Power BI portal 6 weeks ago, we now have greater visibility of information for deliveries to our restaurants. The ability to drill down into the data to spot trends in areas and regions is proving a very useful tool, and the mutual benefits will help improve performance. The biggest improvement we have seen from previous systems, is that the data is there ready to show us details of yesterday’s deliveries, thus allowing issues to be dealt with quickly.”

Mark Hayden, Pizza Express

“The move the business has made towards delivering on-time in the window has been extraordinary. We have taken our performance from 40% on-time in the window to on the verge of 90% for all customers in a matter of weeks which is incredible. We have done this in a massive period of change for our business whilst losing a major customer, shutting a site, losing a large number of team members as a result, managing Christmas, the worst snow in several years and then a customer implementation which makes this journey even more amazing and ground breaking”.

Claire Sage, Head of Client Relations, Bidvest


“The system is very easy to use and gives us a diverse range of reports to spot trends and patterns of not only offending drivers but repeated issues at delivery points in order for us to plan the routes more efficiently to achieve our goal.”

Sarah Ennis, Transport Manager, Bidvest

“Since the project was launched our performance has improved from 40% to 90% true on time This has had a huge positive impact on driver behaviour, and the way managers interact with them. The use of the Applied Acumen Power BI system allows instant high level information to be accessed by managers and customers.There is then the detail available to investigate and resolve specific issues and produce trend information.

Feedback from customers has been very positive. They are now able to plan staffing and be confident we will arrive within the window. They also love the Applied Acumen Power BI access they have through the Customer Portal feature, which allows them to identify issues either at our end or theirs.

It is also a virtuous circle as removing all the driver behaviour issues, has allowed our planning department to focus on and resolve the real issues, improving performance further. The clear sense of direction that all managers and drivers now have is excellent. There is some very healthy competition between the sites to be the best performing for the day, week and period.

Two soft, but very material benefits, are also a reduction in damages and in driver accidents. Drivers are no longer rushing around in an attempt to finish early, resulting in less shortcuts being taken”.

Andy McGee, Distribution Centre Manager, Bidvest

“This is light years ahead of anything else anybody is doing”
Senior Judge, 2019 Supply Chain Excellence Awards