Making a difference internationally

With teams working in both Europe and the US, Applied Acumen has an international reputation.

Applying proven techniques and processes that focus upon behaviours and people, we adapt our approach to each site resulting in different locations and cultures being no obstacle. At a recent project in Holland, through applying sound principles of management and proven knowledge of best practice – over €1million were saved in manufacturing alone.

    • Within weeks the team of operators, supervisors and managers, using new management controls, ‘live’ information and problem solving & review techniques were generating over €19,000 benefits per week – measured and verified by the factory accountants in the P&L
    • Through an inclusive programme, we supported the restructure of the organisation, changes to the daily/weekly plan-do-review processes and procedures, and developed the skills and acumen of the people throughout the business. By doing this, they were able to reap the rewards and sustain the programme independently
    • Absenteeism and over-production fell and productivity increased dramatically. Emphasising local control, timely management and a more engaging, friendly and supportive culture, the results of over €1million per annum have been sustained within a volatile market, including multiple product range launches, changes in customer profile and product re-allocation programmes

Wherever you are in the world, call us now to discuss how we can help improve your business.

According to one manager…  “The place is just running properly now. We didn’t really believe what you told us to start with – we can see it now” “People are acting differently now. They are more responsive and they know what the issues are and are dealing with them.”